Questionnaire empowerment

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  • Pradhan, R. K., & Panda, M. (2021). Human resource empowerment: development and validation of a measurement tool. Global Business Review, 22(4), 1019-1037.
  • A comparer avec les items de Bennet et al., 2010 (qui a inspiré Boyadjieva et Ilieva-Trichkova, 2019), (emancipation produit une certaine type d’agentivité (pendant) qui englobe : objectifs personnels significatifs ; Objectifs axés sur le pouvoir ; Auto-efficacité ; Connaissances ; Action ; Compétence ; l’impact.
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Structural framework
SF1: Thinking out of the box behaviour is appreciated in my organization.
SF2: My organization provides a clear picture of vision, mission and objective on what it wants to accomplish in the future.
SF6: My organization does not provide enough help and equipment to get the job done well.
SF7: My company does not encourage risk taking behaviour.
SF5: My organization always promotes creativity and innovation at work place.
SF3: My organization provides information on how the objectives are going to be achieved.
SF4: Employees have a say in changing company policies when it is required.
SF10: My organization is very adaptive towards change.
SF11: The manager’s operating styles are allowed to range freely from the very formal to very informal.
SF13: Employees in my organization believe in team work.
SF8. While performing job duties, employees are not encouraged to use independent problem-solving skills.
SF9: My organization has established a set of policies and guidelines with respect to individual’s job description.
SF16: My organization strongly considers individual goals and values.
SF14. My organization does not believe in a highly centralized structure.
SF12. In my organization, there is a strong emphasis on getting things done regardless of formal procedure.
SF15. My organization follows an organic structure than a mechanistic structure.

Managing decision at work
In my organization,

MDW1: Employees have a say in defining their job responsibilities.
MDW7: An employee who wants to make his own decision is very often discouraged.
MDW11: participative decision-making procedure is followed.
MDW2: Employees have a say in setting their own performance standards.
MDW6: I have to ask my boss before I do almost anything.
MDW10: Management listens to every individual employee’s positives and negatives views before deciding.
MDW3: Employees have a say in the teams to which they are assigned to.
MDW5: Employees do not provide reviews of their managers.
MDW8: Any decision I make has to have my boss’s approval.
MDW4: Employees have input in hiring of new employees.
MDW9: Employees feel certain about how much authority they have to carry out their responsibilities.
MDW12: Employees have to contribute in the managerial decision-making.
MDW13: In my organization, Employees are not provided with financial records of the company.

Transparency in information sharing
TIS1: My organization does not disseminate information to all levels of employees evenly.
TIS3: Employees have access to the information in their personal work files
TIS6: Employees are provided with information on how they are performing.
TIS2: Sometimes I am not provided with enough relevant information to do my job well.
TIS5: The company provides employees with information on company clients.
TIS8: In general, communication between the various department and employees in this firm is really good.
TIS4: The company publishes information on the company’s reward structure.
TIS7: I have trouble getting the facts and information needed to do my job well.
MN1: The work I do is important to me.
MN2: Job activities are personally meaningful to me.
MN3: The work I do is meaningful to me.

COM 1: I am confident about my ability to do my job.
COM2: I am self-assured about my capabilities to perform my work activities.
COM3: I have mastered the skills necessary for my job.

SD1: I have significant autonomy in determining how I do my job.
SD2: I can decide on my own how to go about doing my work.
SD3: I have considerable opportunity for independence and freedom in how I do my job.

IM1: My impact on what happens in my department is large.
IM2: I have a great deal of control over what happens in my department.
IM3: I have significant influence over what happens in my department.